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PAULINA KATARINA’s latest collection is inspired by the series of painting by Eugene Delacroix. The Romanticism, vibrancy and dream scape of the 18th century plays a strong role in creating the Delacroix women as an inspiration for ROSA.

The collection is for the women who like to play by their own rules – and maybe even break a few of them. She is strong, cool and determined. Aesthetically, this comes out as playful, where feminine cuts meet understated sexiness. This season PAULINA KATARINA introduces a new colour palette of gold and burgundy in a variety of textures from silky satin to lace fabrics. Featuring a splash of burnt orange in between neutral tones of white and beige. The collection presents a selection of cocktail and evening attire ranging from tops, bottoms, jumpsuits, dresses and outerwear. If you’re after something that commands attention, it’s ROSA. Shop the collection in our BOUTIQUE or ONLINE!

xoxo, Paulina Katarina

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