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Updated: Aug 12, 2020

The inspiration behind Paulina Katarina Wanderlust Spring Summer 2018 “Magical Marrakech” collection is Morocco’s “Jewel of the South”, the enchanting red city of Marrakech.

A recent trip to Marrakech by the brand’s creative director is what influenced this collection. The colors of the old city; that rosy hue of soft terracotta, the Moorish architecture along with its colorful mosaic details, as well as the culture of the native Berber were what really seduced her and shaped the color and print palette of the collection. Shades of rose and maroon, emerald green, black and white mixed with interplays of stripes, paisley and floral prints are found throughout the collection. Talitha Getty’s mid-century bohemianism also plays a role in shaping the feel of the collection. Marrakesh is a place where your senses become deeply awakened by mixtures of exotic sounds, sights and smells. It’s a place where you can stroll the streets and get lost in the narrow maze-like passages and bazaars of the old medina. Where ochre-dusted lanes lead to intriguing souqs, and you witness the intersection of modern life with ancient traditions. Enchanted by storytellers, snake charmers and musical performers.

There is a cosmopolitan buzz made up of a thriving art scene and a vibrant cafe culture. When in need of retreat from the bustling medina, discover hidden poolsides in extravagant, decadent Riads. Spend the afternoons sipping mint-tea at a rooftop terrace, before unwinding with a traditional hammam bath. End the night with a culinary feast and experience a slice of Marrakech’s nightlife afterwards.

Photographer @anaditya_

Videographer @egaoxsiana

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