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A collection for your mini-me's

Introducing, our newest kidswear collection for mini pk by Paulina Katarina.

Don't forget to follow our Instagram @paulinakatarina for daily updates!

And check out @minipkbypaulinakatarina for a closer look at this kidswear collection.

With fun patterns and vibrant colors cut into classic and trendy styles -

mini pk is back with a bang!

Featuring a variety of styles from dresses, rompers, tops and bottoms with accessories such as bucket hats, bandanas and scrunchies.

and we didn't forget about the boys of course!

This collection also features the bold prints from our Bloom collection, offering a matching Mother-Daughter line so you can twin with your mini-me’s.

In addition to this matching line, we've also extended our size range to include children ages 6M (6 months) and 1 (1 year), next to our existing sizes 2 (2-3 years) 4 (4-5 years)

6 (6-7 years) and 8 (8-9 years).

Check out the collection now:

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