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Sanctuary: the new collection

Introducing our latest collection, Sanctuary.

Designed in a range of timeless silhouettes in dark nocturnal shades of green and vibrant tropical shades paired with floral patterns. The collection represents living in harmony; a balance between fluidity and structure.

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The story began with the concept of a liminal space where water meets the forest. An in-between state of mind. Full of contradictory emotions. In waiting and not knowing what’s to come. A sense of loss and hope. Filled with potential and possibilities while overcoming fear and discomfort through the uncertainties.

A body, mind, and spirit exploration. Transitional journey till we reach a renewal, a safe place – a Sanctuary. Where we find refuge and protection, when the heart is serene, at peace, and content.

A safe heaven, my sanctuary.

The campaign was captured in an oasis in the heart of Ubud, a boutique hotel located in the historical Campuhan Valley. Set in a magical place to connect with nature and spirit.

an empty beach at sunrise

a busy skyline

with a companion

immersed in nature

alone in the dark

big city energy

the waves crashing

a quiet road

deep in the forest

the ocean at twilight

a clean space

a warm bath

a blank paper

What’s your sanctuary?

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