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PK Mother Daughter - An afternoon with Shan and Brigitte 💕

It was a warm and summery day in August; the sun was high up in the sky, the clouds were fluffy, and the air was light. It was the perfect day to share quality time between beautiful mama Shan and her mini-me Brigitte.

We had an absolute blast spending the entire day with these two sweet souls. We ooh'd and aah'd over Shan's amazing stories and giggled with Brigitte as she took us through her list of newly discovered jokes. We indulged on snacks and went to the beach where we watched an orange sunset that perfectly encapsulated the warmth of our hearts.

Read on to see the beautiful moments we captured between these two peas in a pod.

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Shan - Astrid dress in Isadora Floral Beige

Brigitte - Allegra dress in Isadora Floral Beige


Shan - Marion top & Saga shorts in Floral Araceli Lime

Brigitte - Bianca dress in Floral Araceli Lime


Shan - Bellamy dress in Adessa Floral

Brigitte - Violet dress in Adessa Floral


Shan - Jasper romper in Floral Araceli Lime

Brigitte - Enya romper in Floral Araceli lime


Shan - Seraphina dress in Floral Araceli Black

Brigitte - Zeni dress in Floral Araceli Black

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