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PK MOTHER DAUGHTER - A DAY WELL SPENT 💚💅 with Lutheresia & Sophie Ivy.

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Between school, work and keeping the family afloat, sometimes it’s tough for mother-daughter activities to be prioritized. We were lucky enough to have the opportunity to spend a day with Lutheresia and her daughter Sophie Ivy on a beautiful activity filled day.

Lutheresia in The ESRA DRESS & Sophie Ivy in The SURI DRESS in Terracotta Dot

The duo started off their day with a memorable royal treatment at Glo spa. They enjoyed a soothing mask, manicure and pedicure with a glass of refreshing infused water to accompany them on their spa day.

Lutheresia in The AYLIN DRESS & Sophie Ivy in The SOPHIA ROMPER in Terracotta

The two were very refreshed and decided to continue the day with one of their favorite activities which is grocery shopping. They discuss what recipes to cook and to try while they roam around the isles of the supermarket.

Luthersia in The PALIA TOP & GEORGIA PANTS in Floral Rose Mandarin

Sophie Ivy in The CAISRA DRESS in Floral Rose Mandarin

They ended the day with an afternoon high tea at Folie Bali. They loved to get their pinkies up drinking tea and munching on different desserts and canapés which is a fun activity that mum and daughter enjoy to do during their free time.

Lutheresia in The ATRINA DRESS & Sophie Ivy in The KINA DRESS in Fira Rose

Lutheresia in The LEYLA DRESS in Yellow

Sophie Ivy in The RUBY TOP in Yellow & OLIVIA SKIRT In Floral Rose Blue

Thank you Lutherisa and Sophia for sharing your day with us and allowing us to capture their precious mother daughter bonding. xoxo,

Paulina Katarina

Photography by Fabio Lorenzo

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