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PK MOTHER DAUGHTER - featuring Sri and Lola 💛

A few months back we spent a delightful morning at the Tulola Studio in Ubud, Bali with Sri Luce Rusna, Founder and Designer of Tulola Jewelry alongside her daughter Lola.

Lola in The SARAH DRESS & Sri in the NADIYE DRESS in White

The name of the brand, Tulola was taken from the name of Sri’s daughter Putu Lola, which was shortened to Tulola, who remains a vital source of inspiration for Sri. “Before you were born, I didn’t think I had a creative bone in my body then you came and brought all that creativity along with you” she said to Lola.

Lola in The CORA TOP in Black & MIA SKIRT in Terracotta Dot

Sri in The ESRA DRESS in Terracotta Dot

Lola in The CAISRA DRESS & Sri in The THIRA DRESS in Floral Rose Blue

We followed them around the studio, watching as Sri showed Lola all of the incredible work that happens behind Tulola.  Lola was glistening with joy and excited to be able to observe and join her Mum at work. From brainstorming and mood-board creation to sketching, designing and creating samples while learning about the beauty in storytelling and craftmanship. Handcrafting each piece alongside local artisans creating wearable art.

Lola in The LOLA DRESS & Sri in The AYLIN DRESS in Terracotta

Many thanks to Sri and Lola for welcoming us into the Tulola Studio and letting us capture a very special Mother-Daughter moment together. xoxo, Paulina Katarina

Lola in The ELLA DRESS & Sri in The SAMAYA JUMPSUIT in Cobalt Blue

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