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Introducing our latest collection, Bloom.

The collection is centered around bursts of nostalgia, childhood reminisce and connecting with nature. Unbridled in joy and optimism. Set in a charming rustic farmhouse on the foot of Mount Batukaru, nestled amongst rice-terraces, coffee plantations and forest. The perfect location to express the mood of the collection.

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Bloom is a celebration of self-expression, growth, and transformation. To flourish and shine, while exploring a woman’s own journey. The collection feels floaty yet sophisticated.

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From quirky high-contrast patterns, and playful florals to muted colors in a variety of fabrications. Playing with contrasts there are juxtapositions between silky fabrications and moody linen palettes. Staying true to our core identity highlighting femininity and bold impacts.

Through freedom of movement in the silhouettes, the collection evokes high-spirited spontaneity. Bloom invites you to step into a daydream and embrace the spirit of boundless exploration.

View & Shop The Collection Online Now

View & Shop The Collection Online Now

Photographer: Sharon Angelia

Muses: Jasmine Kusuma & Oceana

Stylist: Naomi Samara

Hair & Make Up: Yeanne & Team

Location: Temuku Pupuan


Paulina Katarina

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