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Our Brand New Flagship Store in Seminyak

After months of meetings, designs, construction, and late night site visits - 2 months ago, we finally opened the doors to our brand new flagship store in the heart of Seminyak.

Let's take a little tour of the space we've created.

Taking inspiration from European architecture, our storefront features floor to ceiling arched windows that puts our interior on full display. The gold embellishments of the floor lamps and door handles warmly invites you inside.

Upon entry, you are immediately welcomed with a bouquet display and this stunning onyx stone piece framed by golden racks filled with our new collection.

The arched theme is present throughout the boutique, equipped with warm lighting to delicately frame the pieces highlighted within.

Lines and curves flow through every corner - creating a seamless effect.

The right side of the store houses our mini pk collection, alongside child development products and accessories that are perfect for your little ones.

This side also displays unique jewelry handmade in Bali to pair with your new outfits.

We like to think of our archways as little windows to new style explorations. Aside from aesthetically framing our pieces, they build excitement in going from one side to the next.

In front of the velvet-clothed dressing rooms are 2 cushioned seats and a sofa free for anyone and everyone to lounge on. Whether it's to give your feet a break from your shopping spree or to sit around with your friends for a chat - comfort was our priority.

On one side of the wall you can find sunnies and bikinis to fill up your Bali staple closet.

At the corner of our flagship store, we house what we like to call: our wall of treasures.

This bright little wall showcases a variety of products ranging from makeup, skincare, scented candles, essential oils, to loose leaf teas (and more). This part of our boutique is your one-stop-shop for gifts for loved ones or simply to treat yourself to.

Come pay us a visit:

Jl. Kayu Aya, Seminyak (opposite Frozen Yogi)

Open daily 9AM - 10PM


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